12 Truly Amazing Minecraft Creations

The hugely popular cube based world of minecraft allows players massive creative freedom. While many who play it are content with building the home of their dreams, there are some who have taken this to the next level and created simply mind boggling masterpieces that have taken weeks, months, and even years to complete.

The list below are some of (in my humble opinion) the best creations to date (not in order). Feel free to comment below on your favourite one, including any not on this list.

  1. Kings Landing (Game of Thrones) - Video
    Kings landing from game of thrones recreated in minecraft
  2. nerdbastards

  3. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    Hogwarts school of whichcraft and wizardry recreated in minecraft

  4. Helm's Deep (Lord of the Rings)
    Helm's deep from lord of the rings recreated in Minecraft
  5. gamingbolt

  6. The Titanic
    The titanic recreated in minecraft
  7. gamingbolt

  8. The Earth
    The earth recreated in minecraft
  9. minecraftfroum.net

  10. Dragonstone (Game of Thrones)
    The island of dragonstone from game of thrones recreated in minecraft
  11. techgeekgamer

  12. A Battleship
    Awesome battleship recreated in minecraft
  13. minecraftfroum.net

  14. The Empire State Building
    The empire state building recreated in minecraft
  15. planetminecraft

  16. Interstate

  17. Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise
    The aircraft carrier the USS enterprise recreated in minecraft
  18. planetminecraft

  19. The Enterprise (Star Trek)
    The enterprise from star trek recreated in minecraft
  20. bitrebels

  21. A Working Computer (Yes.. someone made a computer in Minecraft!!)

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