20 funny sign fails from Africa

The beautiful continent of Africa is well known for many things, the pristine beaches of South Africa, the vast expanse of the Sahara desert, the diverse wild life and the amazing people - but another thing it really deserves credit for is the shear epicness of some of the signs they put up.

So here's a best pick list of some of the funniest African sign fails. Enjoy.

  1. Some signs are great at pointing out the obvious
    Funny but pointless sign with a sand warning in the middle of the desert. African sign

  2. Others are there just to cause trouble
    Funny african sign saying keep well left, in the direction of a large hole in the road.

  3. Some signs provide great explanations. Others, not so much
    Notice - Public bar. Our public bar is presently not open because it is closed. Management. Funny undescriptive and pointless sign.

  4. Just incase you feel the urge to bath in the toilet. You cant!
    Toilet only. Bathing not allowed. Funny picture of a sign above a toilet.

  5. Toilet, stay in your car. Funny african sign.

  6. Sometimes signs dont fill you with the greatest confidence
    Out patients - Casualty. Funny african sign with cascets in the background.

  7. Whilst others can make you feel like your not wanted
    Funny photo with welcome to Zimbabwe written on one sign, close to another sign which reads 'Restricted area - keep out'. African sign

  8. Some signs are just pure classic
    Dr Juma can treat, solve many problems. Funny african fail sign. Woman with pregnancy problems, swollen body, lost lover, insanity.

  9. Teka way. Funny african spelling fail sign.

  10. All pump is pre pay. Funny african sign with written corrections for the english spelling mistakes. Fail.

  11. People always complain - estate agents. Funny African sign.

  12. This months specials - no fuel. Funny african fail sign outside a fuel station.

  13. Seems legit...
    Kiss and ride. Funny african sign.

  14. Notice. Please do not throw stones at this sign. Thank you. Funny African pointless sign.

  15. Potholes - next 9600Km. Funny african fail sign.

  16. Illegally parked cars will be fine. Damm, lets just draw the 'D' on, nobody will ever notice
    Illegally parked cars will be fine. Funny african fail sign with correction.

  17. Some signs are just downright confusing
    Confusing African sign with Baboons written below the image of a deer. Fail sign.

  18. Danger. Funny african sign depicting a man in a wheelchair rolling down the hill into a crocodiles mouth.

  19. One thing's for certain, Africans sure do have a great sense of humour.
    Warning - Fasten brastraps and remove dentures. Kosi bay bush camp. Very bumpy road. Picture of a funny african sign with a good sense of humour.

  20. Sometimes when the signs near you are serving no purpose at all, its best just to cut your losses and make them into your house
    Funny African photo of a house made out of old signs.