Drowning Crow rescued by Bear

Bear saves crow from drowing in pond - Bear grabs crow by wing - Budapest Zoo - Hungary
After watching the crow struggle - the bear reaches in and grabs it by the wing.

A video of a Bear saving a Crow which was drowning in a pool in the Bear enclosure has gained a large amount of interest on Youtube. The video, shown below, was filmed at Budapest Zoo in Hungary and appears to show a true act of compassion from the Bear - and leaves one bewildered looking crow.

Bear saves crow from drowing in pond - Bear returns to food after rescuing crow- Budapest Zoo - Hungary
After retrieving the crow - and getting a nip on the nose in the process - the Bear returns to its breakfast.

Whether or not the Bear did truly act with the intention of helping the distressed Crow, or was simply curious and thought the Crow was some sort of weird feathered fish, is up for debate. Similar acts of compassion between cross species wild and domestic animals has occurred many times in the past. What do you think? Post your comment in the section below.

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