Seems legit - 25 of the funniest and most illegitimate looking pictures and scenes

In this day and age it can take a keen eye to make out some of the more advanced scams, fake products and photoshopped images. Sometimes though, spotting a fake can be the easiest thing ever, and makes for some really funny pictures.

So to commemorate the brilliant ingenuity of some people (and the complete disillusionment of others) here is a list of 25 of the best ‘seems legit’ photos on the internet. Enjoy.

  1. For sale, runs well. Car on bricks with no engine

  2. Electric fence seems legit. Wooden fence with sign saying electric

  3. Seems legit burger king. Krummy old building

  4. Cat found - seems legit. Picture of racoon

  5. Taylor Lautner and a lamma. Seems legit picture advertising Gilette Mach 3 Fusion Razor.

  6. Facebook. You've got one chat request. Want to meet me? Seems legit.

  7. Stars and Bucks sign instead of starbucks. Seems legit

  8. Picture of Acer laptop drawn onto notebook. Seems legit.

  9. I dont have a meth lab. Never ever. Leave me alone. Funny note on garage door.

  10. Hannahh Montanna concert shuttle written on old van. Seems legit.

  11. Picture of toilet with sign saying - this way to ministry of magic written above it.

  12. Suspicious looking van with I have candy, written on the back.

  13. Sign saying 'water' floating in the middle of a pool of water. Seems legit.

  14. Funny advertisement for available babysitter. Friendly, responsible and well presented. Seems legit.

  15. Free bunnies, in a dark and desolated room. Seems legit.

  16. Seems legit. Serenity creek hair removal. Before and after photographs.

  17. Funny 24 hour daycare on suspicious looking white van. Seems legit.

  18. Funny, apple with bite taken out of it stuck to the case of a laptop to make it look like a macbook. Seems legit.

  19. Fake iphone 4s. Seems legit

  20. Store called legit. Seems legit

  21. Fake playstation called Nintendo PolyStation. Seems legit

  22. Fake iphone 8. Seems legit

  23. Genuine fake watches. Funny picture. Seems legit

  24. Toilet camera is for research use only. Seems legit.

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